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Dental Fillings in Frankston

Tooth decay can pop up at the most inopportune times. Some cavities are painful and cause sensitivity while others do not. The key is to treat them as soon as possible, before the affected area has a chance to expand deeper into the tooth.

Happy, smiling family of fourBy carefully monitoring the integrity of your teeth through routine exams and diagnostic X-rays, our dentists can intercept tooth decay at the earliest stage.

A filling can be made of traditional amalgam (silver) or tooth-coloured composite materials. At Dental & Dentures on 88 Beach, we use only composite fillings as they are considered more aesthetic and less invasive to the tooth, as it bonds directly against your enamel and can be matched in a variety of shades.

How Are Cavities Diagnosed?

During your routine checkups, we evaluate your teeth for changes in texture, appearance and take periodic X-rays to examine in-between areas as well as deeper within the tooth. Some of the symptoms of decay can include:

  • Discoloration around existing dental fillings
  • Sensitivity
  • Rough or sharp edges
  • Pain when chewing or eating
  • Floss catching between teeth

What to Expect

When you get a filling, we’ll usually numb the tooth with local anaesthetic (unless the cavity is extremely small) before removing the decayed structure. Next, the surface of the enamel is conditioned and then we shape the matched composite directly onto the tooth. Finally, a bright light cures your filling permanently into place. ith good home care – including daily flossing and brushing – you can take care of your fillings and help them last longer.

Paying for Your Treatment

Our dental fillings are competitively priced. As an in-network provider, we’re able to process your claims straightaway through HICAPS. You can also choose to make affordable monthly payments at 0% interest. Think you have a cavity? Book an exam today to find out for certain.



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