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Meet the Team at Dental & Dentures on 88 Beach

Dental & Dentures on 88 Beach team

We’re a family dental practice that’s founded on the principles of high-quality care, great service and a passion for our patients. Although our facility is new, our team has years of experience when it comes to caring for smiles.

Our Dentists

Dr Meena Khader

Dr Thahameena Khader, Dentist

Dr Meena Khader sought out to become a dentist after a lifelong passion of wanting to make a difference in people’s smiles.

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As she grew older, her love of dentistry grew and led her to obtain her Bachelor in Dental Surgery, graduating in 2002. Each year, Dr Khader attends various professional development courses in order to better provide the absolute best care for her patients. Recently, she’s enrolled herself in a Mastership programme that will focus on Aesthetic Dentistry.

For her, the most fulfilling part of being a dentist is the ability to help a patient feel confident about their new smile without limitation or thought.

When she isn’t crafting beautiful smiles, Dr Khader enjoys spending time with her family, travelling to new places and reading thriller novels. Get to know more about her when you book your next appointment with our practice.

Dr Jefin Mathews

Dr Jefin Mathews, Dentist

Dr Jefin was inspired to become a dentist, as he always wanted to help others. His brother is a dentist, and he advised Dr Jefin to join this profession.

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In 2019, he earned a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry/Master of Dentistry from La Trobe University. Dr Jefin stays abreast of the latest in the field by regularly taking professional development courses.

For Dr Jefin, the most rewarding aspect of his job is delivering a happy smile to all!

Outside of the practice, Dr Jefin enjoys spending time at church, and with family and friends.


Dr Ankita Katyal, Dentist

During her teen years, while getting a complex braces treatment, Dr Ankita decided to pursue a career in dentistry and make a difference…

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…in people’s lives by giving them a beautiful smile.

To prepare for her dental career, Dr Ankita earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2008. She is a qualified general dental practitioner with over 10 years experience in dentistry. She enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and is also exceptionally good with kids.

Dr Ankita understands that patients can be very anxious about getting dental treatment, so she is committed to making it a comfortable and positive experience for all her patients. She also provides various cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening and veneers.

In her spare time, Dr Ankita stays busy with her young son. She also likes to spend time with family and friends, and loves travelling!

Dr Abu Shaw, Dentist

Dr Shaw hopes to help his patients understand the importance of practicing proper oral health habits for life, believing that…

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… having a disease-free smile is the key to healthy teeth that can last you well into your golden years.

Dr Shaw received his postgraduate degree from Charles Sturt University in Dental Implantology and is certified by the Australian Dental Association. He volunteers with the National Dental Research Foundation and helps to make oral health presentations at local schools and rotary clubs.

Outside of the Practice
When he isn’t crafting beautiful smiles in the practice, Dr Shaw enjoys spending time with his family and living life locally. He’s been known to share an intense love for the game of cricket on his days off. When he’s not able to play, he likes to cook wonderful meals for his family. Get to know more about Dr Shaw when you book your next visit with us.

Dr Seema Khan, Dentist

For Dr Khan, being a dentist is a career that provides plenty of rewards and challenges, as well as opportunities to help people…

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and make communities healthier places. To prepare for her dental career, Dr Khan attended university in Pakistan, where she earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. She also completed the ADC licensing exams and has taken various short dental courses.

For Dr Khan, the most fulfilling aspect of her job is bringing back people’s confidence and their beautiful smiles.

When she’s not at the practice, Dr Khan enjoys reading books, gardening, and shopping. She’s happy with her job and life!

Our Prosthetists


Mehdi Haidari, Dental Prosthetist

Mr Mehdi was inspired to become a dental prosthetist, as smiles give life and make people happy!

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He also enjoys working with people and changing their lives by giving them a new look and better smiles. To prepare for his career, Mr Mehdi earned an Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics from RMIT University in 2018. He also holds a Diploma of Dental Technology.

For Mr Mehdi the most rewarding aspects of his job are having a great and friendly environment to work in and helping others in need. Not only does he get to change patients’ smiles, but he’s a good listener and feels like he’s also a therapist/counselor!

In his spare time, Mr Mehdi enjoys playing indoor soccer, swimming, driving and taking road trips, camping, and selling cars and boats. He also likes spending time in the sauna and spa.


Aliullah Aman, Dental Prosthetist

Mr Aman was inspired to enter the dental field, as he enjoys satisfying patients and seeing a smile on their faces.

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He’s also been inspired to continue to update his skill set with lifelong learning, whilst having trust in the team and himself.
He earned his degree from the University of Otago, New Zealand in 2019. Mr Aman stays abreast of the latest in the field by taking various professional development courses.

For Mr Aman, the most gratifying aspect of being a dental prosthetist is ultimately satisfying his patients.

In his spare time, Mr Aman likes playing football, working out at the gym, and going to the mosque.

Our Support Staff


Sue, Practice Manager

With more that 30 years of experience in dentistry, Sue has a passion for working with people of all ages.

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She’s especially attuned to helping people feel comfortable (after all, she used to be petrified of the dentist, herself).

Sue completed her Certificate III in dental nursing at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne n 1988, training in each of the specialised departments during her two-year program. She is motivated around the central goal of creating a positive experience for each patient.

Outside of work, Sue enjoys camping, taking holidays and motorbike riding.


Dani, Dental Nurse/Receptionist

Dani’s journey into dental nursing began when she was a 17-year-old girl, unsure of her future career path.

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Her cousin, who had been a dental assistant for over 10 years, loved the profession and encouraged Dani to join her in the field. This turned out to be the best decision for Dani, as she discovered her passion for dental nursing.

Dani is a highly qualified dental nurse, holding a Certificate III in Dental Nursing and a Certificate IV in Oral Health. She obtained her qualifications from the prestigious Ingenuity Institute of TAFE in Australia and graduated in 2006.

Throughout her years in the dental field, Dani has gained valuable experience and knowledge that she brings to her role as a dental nurse and receptionist. While she is not currently taking any professional development or continuing education courses, her dedication to providing exceptional care and support to patients remains unwavering.

For Dani, the most fulfilling aspect of her profession is the opportunity to make a positive impact on patients’ lives. She takes pride in providing exceptional care and support throughout their dental journey, ensuring that each patient’s experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Life Outside of Work

When she’s not busy at work, Dani is a proud mother to three beautiful children who keep her very active. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, going camping, gardening, and singing along with her kids. These hobbies and interests allow her to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which ultimately benefits her patients and colleagues alike. She looks forward to welcoming you into the practice. Learn more about her at your next visit!

Ellie Hannian

Ellie, Dental Nurse

Ellie was inspired to become a dental nurse by her desire to expand her skill set, learn new things, and work in the health industry.

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She has always been passionate about helping people and making them feel safe and supported. As a dental nurse, Ellie has found the perfect opportunity to provide care and assistance to those in need.

Ellie studied at Chisholm and holds a Certificate III in Health Services as well as a Certificate II in Hospitality and Management. She graduated in 2020 and continues to apply the knowledge she gained during her studies to her work as a dental nurse.

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For Ellie, the most fulfilling aspect of her profession is being able to make each patient feel as comfortable as possible and providing emotional support during their dental visits. She loves getting a cheeky laugh out of her patients and seeing the appreciation and happiness they experience after a positive visit with the dental team.

Life Outside of Work
Outside of work, Ellie has a passion for health and beauty, seeking thrilling experiences, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. These interests allow her to maintain a well- lifestyle and bring positive energy to her interactions with patients and colleagues. Get to know more about her when you book your next appointment!


Ellaine, Dental Assistant/Receptionist

To prepare for her career, Ellaine earned a Certificate III in Dental Assisting and Certificate IV in Health Administration from RMIT Melbourne in 2002.

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For her, the dental profession seemed interesting, and she knew that was the right career path to take. Ellaine also had work placements in school and loved helping young children have a happy and calm introduction to their first dental visit, or helping them overcome any fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist.


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