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Eat and Smile Confidently With Dentures

blog-confident-smile-with-denturesToday’s dentures aren’t like the ones your grandparents may have worn. Modern dentures are more comfortable and natural looking. As custom dental prosthetics, dentures allow you to replace all of your missing teeth at once. Although traditionally removable, modern dentures also can also be affixed on top of dental implants. This feature provides additional stability and a secure fit.

Types of Dentures

divider Custom Full Arch Dentures

“Plates” are full dentures that replace all of the upper or lower teeth at once. They sit on top of your gum tissues, forming a seal that keeps them in place.

divider Partial Dentures

If you’re able to keep some of your healthy, natural teeth, then a partial denture snaps in around them. It replaces only the teeth that are missing. As is the case with full dentures, you will need to remove your partial every night to clean it and allow your mouth to rest.

divider Implant Supported Dentures

Thanks to dental implants, we can secure your denture for a permanent or snap-on design that sets comfortably in place throughout the day. If you select this option, you can enjoy the advantage of getting a more comfortable, streamlined fit.

Is a Denture Right for You?

Choosing to get a denture is a cost-effective and efficient solution for full mouth rehabilitation. If you’re not a candidate for other forms of reconstructive dentistry or you desire quicker results, a traditional “plate” could be your best alternative.

The Benefits of Wearing a Denture

By wearing a custom denture, you can maintain a balanced diet by eating more fruits and vegetables. You also can enjoy greater confidence when spending time with friends. Dentures also have an aesthetic benefit. They can fill out your facial features that may appear more sunken in following tooth loss.

Announcing Our Mobile Dentures Service

We are delighted to announce that we now offer a mobile dentures service. Chanrith Hean, who is a Dental Prosthetist, can make dentures from the comfort of one’s home. Chanrith can visit aged care homes, residential villages and private homes to fabricate dentures.

Discover the difference that dentures can make in restoring your smile. Contact us today!


Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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